You landed on the about section of my personal website, which means you have a kin interest to know about me.

I assume you already know about my education, career, and achievements in the field of blogging. So, let me share something unique about myself.

I’m the simplest form of human being, who believed to live life to its fullest. I won’t mind playing PlayStation games the whole day or completing multiples seasons of a series in one go.

Still, I believe the process we follow in our everyday routine is the reason behind what we face in the future.

I’m kind of unorthodox with my thoughts which average people find hard to digests. Instead of following the crowd, the empty path that I took leads me to success at multiple stages of life.

I left various jobs, left my regular studies, and focused on self-learning at the early stages of the internet era when nobody believes these things much.

“I still believe Ethical income is always better than unethical income and one can achieve any number following the right way.”

You can always contact me for further financial guidance in your life. I maybe not the best but I will do it for free.

I love playing games and won’t mind playing with you either, So, don’t hesitate to pinch me for an online game.

Anyway, you can join me on multiple online games.